About Grease Traps

Help for commercial grease traps in Greensboro, NC

Inappropriately serviced commercial grease traps can be a significant problem for wastewater collection or sewer systems, but Better Choice Grease Trap Pumping can help you keep them clean. Certain substances can solidify and congest the main pipeline that leads to the sewage, in some cases causing major issues. Failing to properly manage grease traps can lead to violations, as well as cause blockage that may prevent you from running your daily operations. Servicing your grease trap in a timely manner can eliminate various occurrences that can affect daily operations. See more below, and contact us for details!
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Fighting FOGS

FOGS (Fats, oils, grease, and solids) are the culprits that can clog up your grease trap over time, and our company knows how to combat these substances. Keeping your grease trap clean helps prevent backups, odors, and other related issues. Regular cleanings are the best way to stay ahead of FOGS clog problems.

Hard deposit removal

A truly professional pumping service does more than just clean out your grease trap. In order to keep this equipment functioning at its best, a full cleaning is in order. Better Choice Grease Trap Pumping employees will also hard scrape the build up on the device, cutting down on odors and decreasing the amount of service calls overall.

Trap maintenance

Maintaining your grease trap means making sure all the parts are functioning properly. Just like any piece of equipment, a little prevention on the front end can save you a lot of time, annoyance, and money down the line! Contact us to learn more about getting regular maintenance inspections.
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